100 mile night – Upper Mooki

Over 100 hungry people will turn out to enjoy 100 Mile Night on 27th June 2015 at the Warrah Creek Hall. The event is designed to celebrate the freshness, quality and environmental-friendliness of local food, as part of the 2015 North West Sustainable Program – a series of events designed to encourage, inspire and educate residents of the North West to reduce their impact on the environment.

“The 100 Mile night is an opportunity to share the message of 100 Mile Food with local people – and who better to champion that message than local farmers themselves? This is a great opportunity to celebrate the high quality food and achievements of our local food producers” said Nicky Chirlian, Chair of Upper Mooki Landcare Inc.

Lemonade on arrival & BYO other drinks

Hunter Belle Cheeses, with locally grown persimmon paste balsamic and local olive oil dip
Colly Creek lamb koftas
Dill and Pumpkin Scone Demeter Farm Mill with Arc en Ciel smoked trout pate
The Conscious Farmer Beef Stroganoff with Peel Valley Jersey Yogurt served on pearl cous cous with an eggplant caponata
Salted brown sugar and James Hamilton- Smith Honey Fudge tart

“Most people know that local food is usually in season and full of flavour, and has more nutrients because of the shorter time frame between the paddock and the plate.  But many don’t realise that it is far less likely to have been in long-term cold storage, and that buying local promotes a safer food supply, and helps the environment by maintaining farmland and green space in our community.” Mrs Cameron chair of Sustainable North West committee said.

Upper Mooki 100 Mile Night Dinner

For more information about the North West Sustainable series of events, visit the website at www.sustainablenorthwest.com.au

Tickets are limited to x100 and are available from:
Liverpool Plains Shire Council Visitor Information Centre

Heather Ranclaud: 67 47 17 93


Nicola Chirlian 67 475600 nicky@tallawang.com

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