This year we saw a focus on food and the benefits of buying local, as well as how to reduce food waste.


Sustainable North West Expo 2015

  • Over 20 Exhibitors attended across a range of industries
  • Over 3000 people attended
  • A kids tent with children’s activities
  • A lucky door prize entry to win the “Taj Mahal” of Chook Pens
  • Live entertainment by the Gomeroi Dancers
  • Daily workshops on sustainable activities such as preserving, mud brick making, beekeeping, organic gardening, climate change, aquaponics, fostering community spirit, and more.
  • 100 Mile Dinner for Show Pavilion winners

100 Mile Dinners

This year saw SNW roll out 5 x 100 mile night dinners partnering with local community, organisations to present ‘Pop-Up restaurants’ to educate the community on the benefits of buying local. Northern Inland Regional waste sponsored these events to promote the message “Love Food – Hate Waste” The dinners all used local caterers and sourced food within a 100 mile radius where possible. Guest speakers included Col Easton from Local Land Services, Alison Leckie and Tracey Carr from Northern inland regional waste and local producers such as Derek Blomfield “The Conscious Farmer”

Talks aimed to educate the audience on key messages

  • In season and full of flavour
  • More nutrients and shorter time between paddock and plate
  • Less likely to have been in cold storage
  • Supports local economy and promotes safer food supply
  • Reduces use of fossil fuels from transport and storage
  • Helps the environment by maintaining farmland
  • Sustains green space in your community!

They were held at the following locations and were partnered with local community groups:

  • Walgett: 28th March at the Walgett Rugby Club – with the Walgett Hostesses (210 attendees)
  • Tamworth: 13th March at the Tamworth Showground with Tamworth Show Pavilion Committee (110 attendees)
  • Copeton: 10th April at Copeton Dam with the Copeton Fresh Water Swim Committee (95 attendees)
  • Bingara: 13th June at the Roxy Theatre with Northern Slopes Landcare Association (125 attendees)
  • Warrah Creek: 27th June at Warrah Creek Hall with Upper Mooki Landcare Association (85 attendees)

Rural Women’s Sustainability Morning Teas

SNW hosted 5 x Morning Teas. A free community event open to women (and their children). This aimed at being a series of events to educate, and inspire women on how they can live, work and ‘play’ more sustainably within their local community.

The events were held at:

  • The Nundle Bowling Club on Monday 1st June at 9.00am
  • Smithurst Theatre, Gunnedah on Tuesday 2nd June at 9.00am
  • Sport Ground – Rugby Club, Barraba on Thursday 4th June at 9.00am
  • Werris Creek Pharmacy Coffee Corner on Friday 5th June at 9.00am
  • Loomberah Community Hall on Thursday 11th June at 9.00am

The events were advertised through regional press, posters and local schools along with social media.

Water Warriors Schools Competition

We had Over 73 entries to the Water Warriors Competition. Entries came from right across the North West Region from Moree to Barraba and Tamworth.

Feedback from Teachers was very positive. They recognised the demonstrated syllabus links, it often led to discussion at home as well as in class on water use issues. The open nature of the challenge, they said encouraged creativity but in a targeted way. The entries certainly demonstrated that.

Amazing Enviro Race Youth Event

slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 214
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 208
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 206
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 204
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 201
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 196
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 193
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 192
slide-race2015_x12.3.2015 186
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 183
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 180
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 179
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 178
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 174
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 171
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 169
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 167
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 163
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 160
slide-race2015_12.3.2015 159

The Amazing Enviro Race was attended by 80+ young people aged between 13 and 19. The event consisted of a series of challenges based around environmental themes. One of the challenges was for students to explain what sustainability means to them which was filmed for later use by the SNW committee. Also challenges on recycling, water conservation, tree planting, land care, sustainable food use, upcycled fashion, recycling and more.

Winners Senior 15+ – 2 x bikes
Name –
Member 1: Sam Barden (Farrer)
Member 2: Ben Fisk (Farrer)
2nd Winners Senior 15+ – 2 x Go Pro Camera
Name –
Member 1: Courtney Mead
Member 2: Lea Gilchrist
Winners JNRS under 15 – 2 x bikes
Name –
Member 1: Joseph Ross (Oxley)
Member 2: Zach Burn (Oxley)
2nd Winners JNRS under 15 – 2 x Go Pro Camera
Name – Green Machine
Member 1: Oliver Keft-Gill
Member 2: Jake Darlington
Winner of Slam Junk – 2 x Basketball & Movie Tickets total $50.00
Name – Super Merino Bros
Member 1: Christian Wilson
Member 2: William Carr
Best Video for Sustainable x 2 Vouchers to Skate Rink
Name – Team Unfit
Member 1: Chloe Hope
Member 2: Lauren McRae
Best Dress Overall Winners – 2 x Go Pro Cameras
Name – Cape & Safety
Member 1: Tehlia Herden
Member 2: Sage Francis
Best Dressed Runners up – 2 x Skull Candy Headphones
Name – BJ
Member 1: Blair Bennett
Member 2: Jake Vanderfield
Best Dressed Honourable Mentions – 6 x Movie Tickets
Name – Green Elsas
Member 1: Emma Klasen
Member 2: Willamina Burke
Name – Super Mario Bros
Member1: Christian Wilson
Member2: Will Carr
Name – Team Unfit
Member 1: Lauren McRae
Member 2: Chloe Hope
Name – Broken Ankle
Member 1: Abigail Kelly
Member 2: Lyndell Boschma
Name – Cape Girls
Member 1: Annabelle Turnball
Member 2: Ellie Bennett
Name – Coal seam Gas Girls
Member 1: Emily Wall
Member 2: Annabell Suttor

Did you compete in the Amazing “Enviro” Race?
We’d love to hear your feedback