Sustainable Cooking from Garden to Plate


They say you are what you eat, so we want to eat sustainably! Check out these 5 Sustainable Cooking Tips – being sustainable from your garden to your plate! 1. Grow food from scraps Leftover food isn’t just for composting … Read More >

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Green Tomato Pickles – Sustainable Recipe


Unlike some tomato preserving recipes, this one makes use of the entire tomato – nothing goes to waste! The quantities in this recipe are easily scaled up or down depending on your tomato crop. Ingredients 2kg Green Tomatoes, diced 400g … Read More >

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Avoid Food Waste with our handy guide


We all waste food – often without intending to! Food Labels To avoid wasting food it is important to understand the dates on the food labels: “Best-before” dateFood is still safe to eat after this date, as long as it … Read More >

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Zuchinni Slice – Sustainable Recipes


This quick and easy recipe can make use of your veggie patch and chook eggs, and your local cheesemaker! For vegetarians, Balsamic Vinegar makes a wonderful replacement for bacon! Ingredients 375g freshly picked zucchini, grated 1 large onion, finely chopped … Read More >

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Rural Women’s Sustainable Morning Tea to inspire

Sustainable North West Committee in partnership with Tamworth Regional Landcare and Local Land Services are hosting Rural Women’s Sustainability Workshop / Information Morning Tea in June 2015. These will be hosted at; The Nundle Bowling Club’s clubhouse on Monday 1st … Read More >

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100 mile night – Copeton Freshwater Swim

Copeton Freshwater Swim 100 Mile Night – 10 April 2015 Suppliers and Contact Details Nourish Bar Emma 79 Otho Street, Inverell 2360 0413 929 561 Olives of Beaulieu Tracey 293 Copeton Dam Rd, Inverell 2360 02 6755 1458 Macintyre Hot … Read More >

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Amazing EnviroRace 2015

Edit: entries are now closed. Have you filled in your entry form for the Amazing EnviroRace yet? Email it to or post to Forget Me Not Marketing – PO BOX 284 Tamworth NSW 2340, or you can grab one … Read More >

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